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Tip DateTip TitleTip Categories
2017-08-31Does Your Filing Require Actuarial Review?Filing Process
2017-08-23Understanding the Insurance Compact Rulemaking Process Part 5 – Industry ParticipationAll Uniform Standards|Miscellaneous
2017-08-17Understanding the Insurance Compact Rulemaking Process Part 4 – Adopted Uniform StandardsAll Uniform Standards|Miscellaneous
2017-08-10Highlights From the August 5th Joint MeetingMiscellaneous
2017-08-03Understanding the Insurance Compact Rulemaking Process Part 3 – Public Hearings & AdoptionAll Uniform Standards|Miscellaneous
2017-07-20Update on ConnecticutMiscellaneous
2017-06-29June 26th Joint Meeting HighlightsMiscellaneous
2017-06-21Connecticut FAQMiscellaneous
2017-06-08FIN 2017-1 FAQ AvailableFiling Process
2017-06-01Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary of Product FilingsMiscellaneous
2017-05-25Annuity Application-Only FilingsAnnuity Product Line
2017-05-18Which Disability Standards?Disability Income Product Line
2017-05-11Updating the List of Available Indices in Your Actuarial MemorandumFiling Process
2017-05-02Anticipating the Newest Member of the CompactMiscellaneous
2017-04-27Calculating Filing Fees for Revisions Under FIN 2017-1Filing Process
2017-04-18FIN 2017-1 – More Tips for Revising Supporting DocumentationFiling Process
2017-04-11FIN 2017-1 – Marking Non-Variable Items as Variable in a New Filing Filing Process
2017-04-03New Filing Type from FIN 2017-1 – Supporting Documentation UpdateFiling Process
2017-03-29Amending Approved Forms Under FIN 2017-1Filing Process
2017-03-23Revisions to Pending Filings - Diving Deeper on FIN 2017-1Filing Process
2017-03-15Introduction to FIN 2017-1Filing Process
2017-03-09What to Include in the Filing DescriptionFiling Process
2017-03-01Calculating Filing Fees – Does Your Filing Require Actuarial Review?Filing Process
2017-02-23Annual Premium Volume and Insurance Compact Filing Fees Filing Process
2017-02-17Calculating Insurance Compact Filing Fees Filing Process
2017-02-02Discontinuing Sales of a Compact-Approved ProductFiling Process
2017-01-26LTC Advertisements for Multiple ProductsLong-Term Care Product Line
2017-01-13Weekly Tip Recap - Top 5 from 2016Miscellaneous
2017-01-04A Smooth Transition into 2017Miscellaneous
2017-01-20How to Remove SOI Items UpdateMix and Match SOI
2017-02-08How to Remove SOI Items 2017 Feb UpdateMix and Match SOI
2017-06-14How to Remove SOI Items 2017 Jun UpdateMix and Match SOI
2016-01-08Clarification for Reinstatement ProvisionLife Product Line
2016-01-13Accelerated Death Benefit Terminal Illness RequirementLife Product Line
2016-01-21Conditional Receipts in Compact FilingsMiscellaneous
2016-02-02Comments on Amendments to Phase Five of the Uniform Standards Subject to Five-Year ReviewMiscellaneous
2016-02-11Filing Fee ReminderFiling Process
2016-02-18Reminder for Phase 7 of the Five-Year ReviewMiscellaneous
2016-03-10How To Submit Trade Secret RequestsMiscellaneous
2016-03-18State Contact Information RequirementMiscellaneous
2016-04-07Filing Your CSO Mortality Table Updates with the IIPRCFiling Process
2016-04-14When are Redlines Required?Filing Process
2016-04-21Actuarial Requirements for GLB & GMDB SubmissionsAnnuity Product Line
2016-04-28Return of Premium Product FilingsLife Product Line
2016-05-05New LTC Advertising Submission ProcessLong-Term Care Product Line
2016-05-12Amendments to Market Value Adjustment Uniform StandardsAnnuity Product Line
2016-05-19Upcoming IIPRC EventsMiscellaneous
2016-05-27Actuarial Working Group Call Summaries on the IIPRC WebsiteMiscellaneous
2016-06-02Conference Call Provider UpdatesMiscellaneous
2016-06-09Group DI Available for FilingDisability Income Product Line
2016-06-16Celebrating 10 Strong YearsMiscellaneous
2016-06-23Connecticut Enacts Compact Legislation - 2017 Effective DateMiscellaneous
2016-06-29MVA Actuarial Pointers for IndexesAnnuity Product Line
2016-07-07Version ControlFiling Process
2016-07-13SOI ConsistencyMix and Match SOI
2016-07-22Specification Page Requirements for Riders and EndorsementsLife Product Line
2016-07-28Format of FormsFiling Process
2016-08-05Filing Applications with the Insurance CompactFiling Process
2016-08-11To Revise or Not to Revise?Filing Process
2016-08-18Finding FINsMiscellaneous
2016-08-24Filing Pre-Need Policies with the Insurance CompactLife Product Line
2016-09-02IIPRC Summer Meeting HighlightsMiscellaneous
2016-09-15Filing Updated IIPRC CSO MaterialFiling Process
2016-09-22Adding a Certification for Foreign Language Translation to Your FilingFiling Process
2016-09-29Two Best Practices from the IIPRC Review TeamFiling Process
2016-10-03IIPRC Fall Webinar Series – Week 1Miscellaneous
2016-10-11IIPRC Fall Webinar Series – Week 2Miscellaneous
2016-10-17IIPRC Fall Webinar Series – Week 3Miscellaneous
2016-10-25IIPRC Fall Webinar Series – Week 4Miscellaneous
2016-10-31IIPRC Fall Webinar Series – Week 5Miscellaneous
2016-11-09IIPRC Fall Webinar Series – Week 6Miscellaneous
2016-11-15IIPRC Fall Webinar Series – Week 7Miscellaneous
2016-11-22Happy Thanksgiving from the IIPRCMiscellaneous
2016-12-01Current Assumption Whole Life or Flexible Premium Adjustable Life - Which One Is It?Miscellaneous
2016-12-08Application Process FAQFiling Process
2016-12-20Fall In-Person Meeting Highlights Miscellaneous
2015-12-23End of the Year RemindersMiscellaneous
2015-12-17Application SubmissionsFiling Process
2015-12-10User Update Clarification for Registration SubmissionsMiscellaneous
2013-06-19Actuarial Submission RequirementsAll Uniform Standards
2015-11-23Thank YouMiscellaneous
2015-11-19Updated Submission Requirement LanguageFiling Process
2015-11-10Updated Pre-Filing Communication FormMiscellaneous
2015-11-03Disability Income Products WebinarDisability Income Product Line
2015-10-27Long-Term Care Products WebinarLong-Term Care Product Line
2015-10-20Uniform Standards and 5-Year Review WebinarMiscellaneous
2015-10-12Annuity Products WebinarAnnuity Product Line
2015-10-07Life Products WebinarLife Product Line
2015-09-29Filing Tips and Tools - Part 2Miscellaneous
2015-09-22Filing Tips and Tools - Part 1Miscellaneous
2015-09-15General Overall WebinarMiscellaneous
2015-09-10Target Approval DatesFiling Process
2015-09-02Comment PeriodMiscellaneous
2015-08-27Updates to SERFF for Insurance Compact FilingsFiling Process
2015-08-20Extended Comment DeadlineMiscellaneous
2015-08-13Product Standards Public CallMiscellaneous
2015-08-06State StatusMiscellaneous
2015-07-30Product Review TeamMiscellaneous
2015-07-23Conformity ProvisionAll Uniform Standards
2015-07-08Double Check StatesFiling Process
2015-07-01Phase 6 of the Five-Year ReviewMiscellaneous
2015-06-25Weekly Tip Archive UpdateMiscellaneous
2015-06-18How to Address Informational FilingsFiling Process
2015-06-11Trade Secret Request ProcessMiscellaneous
2015-06-04Helpful Application RemindersFiling Process
2015-05-28Changes to the IIPRC TeamMiscellaneous
2015-05-21Questions of the DayMiscellaneous
2015-05-14Reopening Filing SubmissionsFiling Process
2015-05-07Updated Logo Change ProceduresFiling Process
2015-04-30Selection of StatesFiling Process
2015-04-24Realistic Specifications Page ValuesLong-Term Care Product Line
2015-04-16Amendments to the Additional Standards for Bonus Benefits (for Individual Deferred Non-Variable Annuities)Annuity Product Line
2015-04-08Amendments to the Core Standards for Individual Deferred Variable Annuity StandardsAnnuity Product Line
2015-04-02Amendments to the Additional Standards for Index-Linked Payment Adjustment BenefitAnnuity Product Line
2015-03-23Group Disability Income Uniform StandardsDisability Income Product Line
2015-03-17Making a More Efficient LTC SubmissionLong-Term Care Product Line
2015-03-13Name Change ChecklistFiling Process
2015-03-06Accelerated Death Benefit Termination ConditionsLife Product Line
2015-02-26New LTC Submission RequirementLong-Term Care Product Line
2015-02-20SOI & Non-Product ComponentsMix and Match SOI
2015-02-11Phase 5 of the Five-Year ReviewMiscellaneous
2015-02-05Tools for SuccessFiling Process
2015-01-28Record Breaking YearMiscellaneous
2015-01-23Complete the SOIMix and Match SOI
2015-01-16Pre-Filing Communication Tool ClarificationMiscellaneous
2014-12-11Amendments to Uniform Standards Under Phases 2, 3, and 4 of the 5-Year Review Miscellaneous
2014-12-03Amendments to Standards for Accelerated Death BenefitsLife Product Line
2014-11-19Amendments to The Individual Life Application Uniform StandardsLife Product Line
2014-11-11Effective Date for 5-Year Review Uniform StandardsMiscellaneous
2014-10-29Company Contact InformationMiscellaneous
2014-10-22Filing Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts ("QLAC") with the Compact Annuity Product Line
2014-10-16NAIC Model Rule 821-UPDATEDAnnuity Product Line
2014-10-08Updating a Product Filing SubmissionFiling Process
2014-10-01Actuarial Submission Requirements for Accelerated Death BenefitsLife Product Line
2014-09-26Phases 2, 3, and 4 of the 5-Year ReviewMiscellaneous
2014-09-18Specifications Page RemindersAll Uniform Standards
2014-09-12Associated Filings EnhancementMiscellaneous
2014-09-05Recently Adopted Amendments to Individual Life Uniform StandardsLife Product Line
2014-08-27Using the Correct TOI for LTC Combo FilingsLong-Term Care Product Line
2014-08-20Product Standard Call Summaries Now AvailableMiscellaneous
2014-08-13New LTC Advertising Submission RequirementLong-Term Care Product Line
2014-08-08New Submission Requirement for Application FilingsFiling Process
2014-07-31When to RedlineFiling Process
2014-07-24Update on ArizonaMiscellaneous
2014-07-07Filing Fee PointersFiling Process
2014-06-24State Statuses & What They MeanFiling Process
2014-06-18Sister Company SubmissionsFiling Process
2014-06-10Filing ProcessFiling Process
2014-05-28Long-Term Care Advertising SubmissionsLong-Term Care Product Line
2014-05-21Updates on Arizona and FloridaMiscellaneous
2014-05-16Summer ReadingMiscellaneous
2014-05-09Where to Submit the Cover LetterFiling Process
2014-04-30Website UpdatesMiscellaneous
2014-04-22Avoiding Filing Fee ObjectionsFiling Process
2014-04-16Update on Five-Year Review ProcessMiscellaneous
2014-04-04New Uniform Standards for Group Life and Individual Annuity Benefit FeaturesMiscellaneous
2014-03-28Common Objections Series – Statement of Variability ConsistencyAll Uniform Standards
2014-03-14SERFF Enhancement for Submitting Additional Fees Filing Process
2014-03-07Common Objections Series – Long-Term Care AdvertisingLong-Term Care Product Line
2014-02-21Common Objections Series - Long-Term Care AdvertisingLong-Term Care Product Line
2014-02-14Common Objections Series - Effective Date of Assignment, Change of Beneficiary, or Change of OwnerAll Uniform Standards
2014-02-07Format of ApplicationsFiling Process
2014-01-13Resource ReminderMiscellaneous
2014-01-022014 Form NumbersFiling Process
2015-01-072015 Form NumbersFiling Process
2013-12-18Smooth Transition to 2014Miscellaneous
2013-11-22Use of "Not Available"Mix and Match SOI
2013-11-15Choosing States on a FilingFiling Process
2013-11-08Updates to Product Filing RuleFiling Process
2013-11-01Add a State TipsFiling Process
2013-10-15Nonforfeiture Rate Change FilingsFiling Process
2013-10-10Ready for Montana?Miscellaneous
2013-09-27How to avoid common objectionsFiling Process
2013-09-23Use of Mix & MatchMix and Match SOI
2013-09-11SOI Template EnhancementMix and Match SOI
2013-09-065-Year Review Public Comment PeriodMiscellaneous
2013-08-29Add a StateLife Product Line
2013-08-08Five-Year ReviewMiscellaneous
2013-08-01130801 Website UpdatesMiscellaneous
2013-07-26Longevity AnnuitiesAnnuity Product Line
2013-07-19NAIC Model Rule 821Annuity Product Line
2013-07-08Group Term Life Uniform StandardsLife Product Line
2013-06-28Disability IncomeDisability Income Product Line
2015-12-032015 Actuarial Submission RequirementsAll Uniform Standards
2013-06-192013 Actuarial Submission RequirementsAll Uniform Standards
2013-06-12Long-Term Care FilingsLong-Term Care Product Line
2013-06-07Annuity FilingsAnnuity Product Line
2013-05-29A More Efficient Life Filing SubmissionLife Product Line
2013-05-22Arkansas and MontanaMiscellaneous
2013-05-17Multi-Company SubmissionsFiling Process
2013-05-10SERFF SOI TemplateMix and Match SOI
2013-05-02Foreign Language TranslationsFiling Process
2013-04-25Amended Filing FeesFiling Process
2013-04-16Alphabet SoupMiscellaneous
2013-04-10Did You Know?Miscellaneous
2013-03-22Weekly Tip ArchiveMiscellaneous
2013-03-15The IIPRC websiteFiling Process
2013-03-07Tips on Disability Income Product FilingsDisability Income Product Line
2013-02-26When and How To Amend an Approved Long-Term Care Advertising FilingLong-Term Care Product Line
2013-02-14Steps to Keep in Mind When Preparing an Annuity FilingAnnuity Product Line
2013-02-02Using SERFF Template to Minimize Manual Data Entry Mix and Match SOI
2013-01-31Tips for a Better Filing SubmissionFiling Process
2013-01-25When To Amend an Approved Life or Annuity Filing and How to AmendLife Product Line
2013-01-17New Filing Fee ToolFiling Process
2013-01-08Assignment Change of Beneficiary or Change of OwnerAll Uniform Standards
2013-01-03Filing Information Notices DeconstructedMiscellaneous
2012-12-19Using Generic Language In Compact FilingsFiling Process
2012-12-16Application Form Submission Filing TipsFiling Process
2012-12-11Using the SERFF General InstructionsMiscellaneous
2012-12-03Using the SERFF Additional Benefits FieldMiscellaneous
2012-11-26121106 Filing FeesFiling Process
2012-11-202012 Form NumbersFiling Process
2012-11-15Mix and MatchMix and Match SOI
2012-11-08Including States on Insurance Compact Product FilingsFiling Process
2012-10-26Getting Started with the CompactMiscellaneous
2012-10-17Update to MIB Statement on IIPRC-Approved Application FormsAll Uniform Standards
2012-10-09Amending Approved FilingsFiling Process
2012-10-01Variability in Individual Annuity ProductsAnnuity Product Line
2012-09-28Logo Change ProceduresFiling Process
2012-09-20MIB Update, Nonforfeiture Interest Rate Update, AG38 UpdateAll Uniform Standards
2012-08-21Individual Life ProductsLife Product Line
2012-08-132012 Disability Income ProductsDisability Income Product Line
2012-08-062012 Long-Term Care ProductsLong-Term Care Product Line
2012-07-30Public Comment PeriodsMiscellaneous
2014-07-152014 Who to ContactMiscellaneous
2012-07-242012 Who to ContactMiscellaneous
2012-07-16Application FilingsFiling Process
2012-07-09Additional Benefit Feature for Compact in SERFFMiscellaneous
2014-06-302014 Prorated Annual Registration FeeMiscellaneous
2017-07-27Understanding the Insurance Compact Rulemaking Process Part 2All Uniform Standards|Miscellaneous
2017-07-12Understanding the Insurance Compact Rulemaking Process Part 1All Uniform Standards|Miscellaneous
2016-09-09SERFF Filing Access SFAMiscellaneous
2015-04-16Amendments to the Additional Standards for Bonus Benefits for Individual Deferred Non-Variable AnnuitiesAnnuity Product Line
2017-09-28Clarification Amendments to the Long-Term Care Rate Filing Uniform StandardsLong-Term Care Product Line
2017-09-21Substantive Amendments to the Long-Term Care Rate Filing Uniform StandardsLong-Term Care Product Line
2017-09-12An Introduction to the Amended iLTC Uniform StandardsLong-Term Care Product Line
2017-09-07Amendments to the Additional Standards for Overloan Protection Benefits – What ChangedLife Product Line
2016-03-31What is Happening on April 2nd?Miscellaneous
2017-10-11Substantive Amendments to the Long-Term Care Core Uniform StandardsLong-Term Care Product Line
2017-10-17Clarification Amendments to the Long-Term Care Core Uniform StandardsLong-Term Care Product Line
2017-10-25Tips & Tricks for Company FilersAll Uniform Standards|Filing Process|Miscellaneous
2017-11-02Updated Graded Death Benefit Uniform StandardsAnnuity Product Line|Life Product Line
2017-11-16Recent Amendments to Private Placement Plan Uniform StandardsAnnuity Product Line|Life Product Line
2017-11-30Annual Meeting RecapFiling Process|Miscellaneous
2017-11-09Recent Amendments to Longevity or Deferred Income Annuity Uniform StandardsAnnuity Product Line