Weekly Tip: Website Updates


Weekly Tips

Website Updates


In this week's Weekly Tip we are announcing some exciting updates to the Insurance Compact website. The changes may be found throughout the website, but are focused mostly on the map and the About the IIPRC page.

You may have noticed the map on our homepage looks a bit different. It has indeed changed - Arizona is now yellow as it enacted the Compact legislation in April. Please note that Arizona is not yet effective, but will become so approximately 90 days after sine die of the Arizona legislature. (As we learn more about the specific effective date, we will update the website and send out an announcement). Additionally, we have added an exciting new feature. The enacted and effective dates are now listed on the map for each of the Member states. Simply hover over a member state and the dates will appear. This new feature was born out of a suggestion from a company filer submitted through our Suggestion Box. We encourage all company filers to use this tool to share with us your ideas as to how we can make your use of the Insurance Compact more productive and beneficial. The Suggestion Box may be found on each of the pages throughout the website.

In order to more clearly showcase the Insurance Compact's yearly highlights, the About the IIPRC page was recently updated. Here you will find milestones from each year of the Insurance Compact from its inception in June 2006 through 2014.

We would like to announce that our address has been updated to reflect a different Suite number. Our address may be found on the Contact Us page of the website, but is also located on various other pages. We also have placed the updated address below.

444 North Capitol Street, NW
Hall of the States, Suite 700
Washington , DC 20001-1509

We hope that this information is useful and helps you navigate the information that is at your fingertips. If you have any questions regarding the Insurance Compact or this Weekly Tip, please contact the Insurance Compact office.