Weekly Tip: Actuarial Working Group Call Summaries on the IIPRC Website


Weekly Tips

Actuarial Working Group Call Summaries on the IIPRC Website


The Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission has begun the in-depth review of the individual Long-term Care Uniform Standards under Phase 6 of the Five-Year Review process. The Product Standards Committee is reviewing the draft report prepared by the IIPRC Office, and presented it on April 12th during a public call. The proposed Report is available on the Docket, under Five-Year Review of Uniform Standards, Operating Procedures & Rules, and then Phase 6 as Noticed on July 1, 2015.

The Product Standards Committee has asked the Actuarial Working Group (AWG) to review the comments that were submitted as part of the Phase 6 of the Five-Year Review process regarding the Rate Filing Uniform Standards or actuarial issues. The AWG held its first conference call on May 3rd and will meet every other week until they complete their recommendations. The IIPRC Office is pleased to announce that the Call Summaries are now available for these calls on the About the IIPRC page of the website. In an effort to be informative and increase transparency with regard to the AWG’s work, the Compact will post the Call Summaries within a week of each call.

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