Weekly Tip: Adding a Certification for Foreign Language Translation to Your Filing


Weekly Tips

Adding a Certification for Foreign Language Translation to Your Filing


Has your company decided, now that the product filing has been approved, to add a foreign language translation version of the forms? In this week’s Weekly Tip, we are highlighting key aspects of the process to submit the certification for foreign language translations.

The IIPRC has a process for adding foreign language translations to approved filings: Operating Procedure for the Filing of Certifications for Foreign Language Translations for Product Filings. Per this procedure, the foreign language versions of the approved forms must be submitted on the Supporting Documentation tab with a certification signed by an authorized officer of the insurer certifying to the accuracy of the translation and the credentials of the translator. Only approved forms may be certified in a foreign language.

Filers should keep the following points in mind:

  • A foreign language form should not be submitted on the form schedule and should not have a new form number. If desired, an additional suffix is permitted to distinguish it from the English version.
  • A new statement of variability should not be submitted for the foreign form, as the previously approved English-language Statement of Variability is already on file.
  • A new filing submission should not be made to provide the IIPRC with the foreign language version of IIPRC-approved forms.
  • The forms submitted on the Form Schedule for approval must contain only English, because the Compact reviewers are not approving the translation for accuracy.

To have previously approved forms reopened to file a certification of foreign language translation, please send a Note to Reviewer. When submitting an update, the foreign language version of approved forms and the required certification should be submitted on the Supporting Documentation tab as separate supporting documents each on their own separate lines. The forms will be given a status of "Received" and the certification will be "Approved." There are no additional filing fees for only reopening and adding a foreign translation to the Supporting Documentation of an approved filing.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the IIPRC Office.