Weekly Tip: Associated Filings Enhancement


Weekly Tips

Associated Filings Enhancement


Associated Filings is a new enhancement specific to Insurance Compact filing submissions.  This new enhancement was made available early in August. 

This new enhancement allows companies to file and link their Insurance Compact filing submissions with one another.  You may have noticed that there is now a new Submission Requirement - Associated Filings - under Supporting Documents for all filing submissions.  Filers are now required to provide information for associated filings upon submission under View Associated Filing in the Filings at a Glance section.  This new enhancement allows companies to satisfy a requirement set forth in the Section 103(d) of the Product Filing Rule – "a Product Filing is made, the Product Filer shall identify whether the Product Filing will be used with a Commission Product Component previously approved by or pending with the Commission."

The Insurance Compact has step-by-step instructions for using the new enhancement of the Insurance Company Resources page of the website.  Once a SERFF Tracking Number is entered in the Associated Filings list, both the user, the IIPRC Office and the states included on the associated filing will be able to view both filings and jump back and forth between the current filing and the associated filing via a simple hyperlink. Please note that Associated Filings feature is for Compact filings only and that completion of the Statement of Intent schedule is still required for mix and match submissions. If you have any questions about utilizing this new enhancement or the Insurance Compact, please contact the Insurance Compact Office.