Weekly Tip: Checklists


Weekly Tips



The most effective tool available for product filing submissions is available on the Record right alongside the Uniform Standards and they are the checklists.  While the Insurance Compact does not require the checklists to be submitted, we would strongly encourage all filers – the most experienced to the most novice – to pull up the checklist and follow along when creating the product filing submission. 

The checklists are exact replicas of the Uniform Standards in a table, checklist format.  These are the same checklists that the Product Review Team uses to review the product filing submissions for compliance with the Uniform Standards.  The checklists are published in Adobe format and available for downloading and saving off of the Record.  The checklists may be edited as you develop your submission to reflect how your product filing complies with the requirements of the Uniform Standards. 

Additionally, the Insurance Compact has a Best Practices Checklist available on the Insurer Resources page of the website.  This tool was created as a way to serve as a reminder of some other points required at the time of submission – such as including a description of any unique features within the filing submission or how the application will be used if applicable. While not required, the Insurance Compact Review team would strongly encourage all filers to utilize these available resources.  

If you have any questions regarding the checklists or the Insurance Compact, please contact the IIPRC office.