Weekly Tip: Company Contact Information


Weekly Tips

Company Contact Information


This week, we have a favor to ask of our Company filers.  Please include us in your change in contact information. 

As the Insurance Compact filing submissions are works in progress even after approval, we would like to ask that you please inform us of any changes in personnel associated with the filing submission.  If you have submitted a product filing and are now no longer involved with that submission, please introduce us to another member of your team or your replacement.  This way we are able to maintain communication in an efficient manner about the product filing submissions.  This is especially critical for submissions like long-term care advertisements and rate filings where the Uniform Standards establish ongoing obligations to add information to the original filing submissions.

Additionally, if you are taking over a series of filing submissions for someone that once was a part of your team, please let us know.  This way if there is any correspondence regarding the filing submissions, you are receiving those in a timely manner. You may let us know of changes in submission staffing via a separate email to comments@insurancecompact.org or by entering a Note to Reviewer in any affected filings.

Just as a reminder, if you are going to be out for an extended period of time and have submissions pending review, please submit a Note to Reviewer in any open filings indicating that you are out of the office.  If you have a team member filling for you while you are out, please identify them in this Note to Reviewer.  This way the review of your product filing submission will be able to keep on rolling along even while you are out of the office. 

If you have any questions about the Weekly Tip, please contact the IIPRC office.