Weekly Tip: Complete the SOI


Weekly Tips

Complete the SOI


As you start working on your draft submissions for 2015, we wanted to remind you about one key component related to the information provided in the Schedule of Intent (SOI). 

The SOI should only include details about the product components that have already been approved by the states.  Details about the related Insurance Compact approved product components should not be provided on the SOI, but rather in the Cover Letter submitted under the Filing Description field and in Associated Filings.  If you know that you will be using some forms that are currently pending with the states, it is helpful to detail that in the Filing Description, but please do not include that information in the SOI until the state-filed forms have been approved or are available for use.  The SOI may be updated at any point in the life of the filing submission - during review or post-approval by requesting to reopen the filing - at no additional filing fee cost.  If you were to use the Preformatted SOI Excel Spreadsheet available on the Insurance Company Resources page, you would be able to easily upload the updated information.   

Just one other quick reminder about the SOI and details included within, please make sure that you provide as many details as available for the state product components.  Remember that the states do have the right to verify the state product components are properly identified and to ask for more information about the combination of Compact and state product components.  By providing as many details as possible, you are making their jobs easier.

If you have any questions about the SOI or this Weekly Tip, please contact the Insurance Compact Office.