Weekly Tip: Conference Call Provider Updates


Weekly Tips

Conference Call Provider Updates


Among the many services that the Insurance Compact offers are training sessions, updates on filing processes and open public calls with our working committees. We typically offer these services via webinars and public conference calls. Additionally, the Insurance Compact conducts monthly Management Committee conference calls that are open to Interested Parties. All of our webinars and conference calls utilize Chorus Call for access. This week’s Weekly Tip will explain an important change in how all participants will access IIPRC conference calls and the Chorus Call registration process for Interested Parties, so that you can quickly and easily access telephonic Compact events.

Any outside party who is not an insurance regulator, state legislator, or consumer representative is considered an “Interested Party,” and must register separately with Chorus Call and cover the expenses of participation in Compact calls, which are minimal. We would like to remind Interested Parties that you must be registered in advance with Chorus Call to participate in the Insurance Compact calls. Once registered, you will receive a personal PIN or, to use Chorus Call terminology, an “IP Code” for participating in all IIPRC calls. Under the new Chorus Call Diamond Pass system that the IIPRC will now be using, you will only need to register and obtain an IP Code once – not for each call. Chorus Call will require a designated credit card to be billed when participating in each selected call. The conference call participation costs are minimal for the Interested Parties, but allow us to keep our expenses down. For easy access, there is a link to the Chorus Call website on the Event Calendar where all Interested Parties can register for an IP Code.

Recently, the Insurance Compact updated the way we utilize Chorus Call. We are now using the “Diamond Pass” feature, which allows for streamlined entry onto Insurance Compact calls – e.g. less wait time when joining the calls. It is important to note that now, all participants for all IIPRC calls must register with Chorus Call in advance of each call to get the dedicated dial-in phone number. The link to register for a call will be provided both in a call notice and on the corresponding Event Calendar entry. There are no extra costs associated with the switch to Diamond Pass, and registration is completed online. Interested Parties must provide their IP Code when registering for a call. Please note that if you do not pre-register for each Diamond Pass Call using the designated link, you will not receive the designated phone number for each call. Previously, the Insurance Compact employed the same call-in number for every conference call, but that number is no longer active.

If you have any questions about the various conference calls or utilizing Chorus Call, please contact the IIPRC Office.