Weekly Tip: Filing Process


Weekly Tips

Filing Process


This week we would like to provide you with some new tips on how to have a more efficient product filing approval process. Here are a few tips we want to pass along to you.

Don't forget to add yourself to a product filing submission if you were not the original author. It has come to our attention that if you were not the original author and are now responsible for that particular filing, you will need to add yourself or have yourself added to the filing. This is to ensure that you are receiving all communications pertaining to the filing so that the filing may proceed in the most efficient manner.

Another hint to make your filing process more efficient is to be ready to update all information in a product filing submission if you are requesting to have the filing re-opened. If you have requested to have the filing re-opened to add a state and the Statement of Intent (SOI) requires updating, please make sure that you have all the relevant information for the SOI gathered and ready for uploading. Remember, it is the date of acknowledgment by the IIPRC that constitutes the date on which the filing can be used in the added state. Delays in adding the information means that the acknowledgement of the state in the product filing submission is delayed. The same can be said if you are adding an amendment to a filing or adding a form, please have them ready to load before making the request to reopen the filing.

Most important for filing approval efficiency is to include only the states and related forms for approval in the filing. Forms submitted for approval are submitted for approval in all states indicated in the product filing submission. You cannot have state-designated forms submitted in a filing that includes all 43 (soon-to-be 44) Compact jurisdictions. This means that you cannot have a form submitted that is good for x number of states and then another form, in the same submission, that are good for all the states in the submission. It is best if the state-designated forms are submitted in a separate filing submission.

If you have any questions about this particular Weekly Tip or the filing process, please contact the Insurance Compact Office.