Weekly Tip: Format of Forms


Weekly Tips

Format of Forms


This week’s tip is the fourth in a series intended to assist filers across all product lines with improving quality control of their IIPRC filing submissions. The tips present steps a filer at any experience level can take to streamline the review process.

The IIPRC Reviewers have asked that we remind all company filers a few things pertaining to the format of the forms submitted on the Form Schedule. These principles apply across all product lines. The forms submitted on the Form Schedule in a product filing submission are for review and approval for all states included in the filing. It is permissible to launch a form in selected states, but each form within a filing is approved for all states included in the filing. This would also mean that all state filing fees are applicable for all forms submitted.

Each form submitted should be submitted on one individual line on the Form Schedule and the number under the Form Number column must match the form number listed on the form. An easy quality control step is to ensure that there is agreement among the form numbers shown in the Form Number field, the Attachment file name and the form itself for each form in the filing.

The forms should be attached as pdf documents. Please do not attach a scanned form, use security or brackets that limit the use of review tools and create longer review time. During the review process the Reviewers will search and compare using the tools available in Adobe. A scanned version of the document hampers the Reviewers ability to use these tools that they find to be very valuable in conducting a thorough and efficient review. Another tool that is used is the “copy/paste”. This is used when identifying the objections to be issued. The Reviewer may copy language from the submission and insert it directly into any objections being issued as well as in their checklists as notations. Please ensure that all attachments within a filing are saved in PDF format and there is no security or protection that encumbers the review process.

If you have any questions about formatting your forms or this Weekly Tip, please contact the IIPRC Office at Comments@insurancecompact.org.