Weekly Tip: Long-Term Care Advertising Submissions


Weekly Tips

Long-Term Care Advertising Submissions


Are you a Long-Term Care product filer?  If so, then you are in luck as this week's Weekly Tip is dedicated to the submission process for Long-Term Care filings - specifically advertising submissions.  

Advertising submissions are a little different from the other product filing submissions that you are used to completing. The advertising forms that pertain to a single policy need to be submitted in one single submission.  So this means that each time the company creates a new advertising form for the policy, the advertising filing submission is re-opened and the new forms are attached to the filing submission.   To add new forms to a previously approved filing send a Note to Reviewer asking that the filing be re-opened so that you may add additional forms.  When the new forms are submitted the applicable fees will also need to be paid.  If the fees are not paid, objections are issued.  More details about this filing process are outlined in Filing Information Notice 2013-2: Individual Long-Term Care Filings, specifically under Filing Procedures. 

When you do submit your advertising forms for review, please make sure that you identify the type of each advertisement.  Are they: "Institutional", "Invitation to Inquire", or "Invitation to Contract"?  The Advertising Standards have specific requirements that will be applicable depending on the type of advertisement chosen.  Do not forget to include the required description as to how each of the forms will be used, i.e. brochure, slideshow, web site, newspaper, illustration, etc.  If you are submitting new forms to a previously approved filing, you will need to include the applicable Type of Advertisement in a new Supporting Documentation Item.  If this information is not submitted along with the advertising forms, we will issue an objection before reviewing the forms which may slow down the review process.

We hope that you find this Weekly Tip helpful.  If you have any questions, please contact the Insurance Compact Office.