Weekly Tip: Long-Term Care Products Webinar


Weekly Tips

Long-Term Care Products Webinar


Did you know that individual long-term care submissions account for 14% of all submissions made to the Insurance Compact and that filing one product translates into three unique filing submissions, including a self-certification submission with the Insurance Compact?   Curious to learn more about long-term care submissions?  Then join the Insurance Compact’s Maureen Perry, our Primary Reviewer for LTC, on Thursday, October 29th at 12:30 pm ET for a webinar presentation. 

During the session on the Insurance Compact’s individual long-term care Uniform Standards, learn the ins and outs of making successful individual long-term care product filing submissions. 

As with all webinar presentations, the information is geared for all filers at various levels of filing experience – first-timers through the most experienced filers.  More information about the upcoming webinar series may be found on the Insurance Compact’s website, specifically the Event Calendar.

If you are interested in participating in this week’s webinar, please email comments@insurancecompact.org to register with the Insurance Compact.  Additionally, registration with Chorus Call for the audio portion is required.  If you have any questions regarding this week’s webinar session or the webinar series in general, please contact the Insurance Compact office.