Weekly Tip: Making a More Efficient LTC Submission


Weekly Tips

Making a More Efficient LTC Submission


Are you a long-term care product filer?  If so, then the Weekly Tip this week is perfect for you.

Did you know that this week we are conducting a webinar on the Insurance Compact’s long-term care Uniform Standards and filing process?  It is scheduled for Thursday, March 19th at 2 pm ET / 1 pm CT / 12 pm MT / 11 am PT and will last for approximately 1 hour.  More details about the webinar can be found on the Event Calendar on the Insurance Compact website. 

During this particular webinar you will hear from Maureen Perry, the Insurance Compact’s lead reviewer of long-term care products.   She will provide you with some background on the provisions in the Uniform Standards and specific filing requirements including that advertising is to be submitted separate from the policy in its own submission that is reopened for new advertisements.  Additionally, Maureen will review with you the new long-term care filing submission that was implemented last month.  Maureen plans to also provide you with some pointers in order to make your filing process more efficient.  If you’re curious about what all she has to say, please send an email to Comments@insurancecompact.org in order to be provided with the link and phone number for Thursday’s session.  

If you have any questions about long-term care submissions or this Weekly Tip, please contact Maureen Perry.   Technical questions pertaining to the webinar should be sent to Comments@insurancecompact.org.