Weekly Tip: Name Change Checklist


Weekly Tips

Name Change Checklist


Every now and then companies decide to change their names. This week, we thought that we would highlight a new tool available should your company decide to change their name. We have just posted to the Insurance Company Resources page of the website a new checklist designed to assist with name change submissions. We strongly encourage all to use this new checklist should they need to make a name change submission.

Companies should submit a new submission with a copy of the new name attached to the Form Schedule as opposed to re-opening previously approved submissions. A name change submission should be filed once the company has received approval from its state of domicile and at least one compacting state. As states approve the name change, the product filing submission may be re-opened to update applicable states at no additional filing fee cost. In the new submission, the company needs to include any applicable name change endorsement/form and a certified letter signed by an officer of the Company indicating the new name has been approved/filed in States in accordance with their respective and applicable requirements along with the effective date of this change. Additionally, a list of IIPRC filings by SERFF Tracking number and forms to which the changes apply should be included in the submission. The Insurance Compact refers to §107 of the Product Filing Rule when it reviews product filing submissions that pertain to name changes.

Curious what other companies may have submitted for their name change? Do not forget that you can use SERFF Filing Access to search for closed-approved filings.

We hope that this is helpful information. If you have any questions regarding the name change process or the Insurance Compact, please contact the Insurance Compact Office.