Weekly Tip: Pre-Filing Communication Tool Clarification


Weekly Tips

Pre-Filing Communication Tool Clarification


Last September the Insurance Compact released a new tool to facilitate productive conversations between the Insurance Compact Review Team and company filers.  This new tool is the Pre-Filing Communication Form.

We wanted to provide some clarification as to the intended use of the Pre-Filing Communication Form.  This form is not to replace one-on-one conversations between the Reviewers and the company filers - they are always available for those - , but rather to enhance these conversations, especially when it comes to product design.  Several times company filers and the Reviewers have had multiple conversations to discuss product design.  The form was created to help eliminate the number of conversations involved.  If the form is utilized properly and presented to the Reviewers with as many details as possible, the conversations can be more efficient and the number of conversations may be minimized.

We cannot stress this enough, if you have any questions about the Insurance Compact filing process or the Uniform Standards please reach out to us. David Morris is the Lead Reviewer for individual and group life product filing submissions. Karen Givens is the Lead Reviewer for individual annuity product filing submissions. Maureen Perry is the Lead Reviewer for individual long-term care and individual disability income product filing submissions. Does your actuary have any questions? They should email Jeanne Daharsh. Not sure who to reach out to, send your questions via email to Comments@insurancecompact.org and we will make sure that they are properly distributed.  

Please contact the IIPRC Office if you have any questions regarding this notice by sending an e-mail to comments@insurancecompact.org or calling (202) 471-3962.