Weekly Tip: Product Review Team


Weekly Tips

Product Review Team


The Interstate Compact has great news to announce – the Product Review Team is fully staffed!  After many months of planning and interviewing, the Insurance Compact Product Review Team now consists of two life reviewers, an annuity reviewer, a LTC/DI reviewer, and two actuaries. 

Katie Campbell is the most recent member to join our Team. Katie joined the Insurance Compact Team from the Alaska Division of Insurance earlier this month. We are very excited to have Katie as the newest actuary on the Team and complete our coast-to-coast coverage. Katie along with Jeanne Daharsh are available to assist with questions that you may have regarding actuarial components of your product filing submission. We are confident with Katie on board and with our newest form reviewers, Ed Charbonnier and Mindy Bradford, that filers will continue to experience the high levels of thoroughness, versatility, turnaround, responsiveness, and approachability they are accustomed to when filing with the Compact and Compacting States will have the continued assurance of a thorough and high-quality form and actuarial review for compliance with Uniform Standards.

For more information regarding our Team, please visit the Contact Us page of the Insurance Compact website. All Team members have a brief bio posted as well as each name serves as a hyperlink to individual email addresses.