Weekly Tip: Product Standard Call Summaries Now Available


Weekly Tips

Product Standard Call Summaries Now Available


The Product Standards Committee is now making summaries of its weekly meetings available on the Insurance Compact website.  These Call Summaries are posted one week after the call took place – and include summaries of member-only calls and public calls. You may find them under the Product Standards Committee header on the About the IIPRC page of the website.  Click on “Call Summaries”

The Product Standards Committee meets in a member-only drafting session on a weekly basis and holds public calls on a regular basis to receive comments from all Compacting States, filers, industry representatives, consumer representatives, and others on its draft recommendations to the Management Committee on new and amended Uniform Standards. The Call Summaries are being posted to be transparent and informative with regard to the Committee’s work.

We encourage filers to follow the work of the Product Standards Committee to stay abreast of new or revised uniform standards under consideration as it is important to provide input during the drafting phase. Any filer or other interested party is welcome to participate in the process by providing questions and comments to the Product Standards Committee when it holds public meetings.  If you are curious as to what the Product Standards Committee is working on or what took place during a public call that you were not able to attend, the summary is now available for your reading enjoyment.

If you have any questions regarding this Weekly Tip or the website in general, please contact the Insurance Compact.