Weekly Tip: SERFF Enhancement for Submitting Additional Fees


Weekly Tips

SERFF Enhancement for Submitting Additional Fees


Today we take a quick break from the weekly tip series on commonly issued objections to share with you a minor change on the filing fee tab. We are now announcing a SERFF enhancement intended to simplify the submission of additional EFT fees. The buttons to Submit Additional EFT Fees and Submit Post Submission EFT have been moved from the end to the top of the Filing Fees Tab. This enables filers to submit add-a-state fees and respond to fee objections more efficiently. Please see the screen shot below for a generic illustration of the updated tab. There were no other changes to the Filing Fees Tab or how the IIPRC Office administers fees.

This change was initiated by a filer request submitted to the IIPRC Suggestion Box. Did you know there is an IIPRC Suggestion Box? A link to submit suggestions via email is located in the upper right area of the Docket, Record and Insurance Company Resources pages of the www.insurancecompact.org website. We welcome suggestions about the website, customer service, SERFF features, Uniform Standards, rules, operating procedures and other resources filers would like to see. Along with the Spring webinar series that kicked off this week, the IIPRC Suggestion Box helps us keep the lines of communication open with filers and other interested parties. If you missed the notice about the Spring webinar series, please contact the IIPRC Office.

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If you have any questions about IIPRC submission requirements, please contact the IIPRC Office.