Weekly Tip: SOI Template Enhancement


Weekly Tips

SOI Template Enhancement


This Weekly Tip will focus on the tools available to populate the Statement of Intent Schedule for mix and match product filings.  Earlier this year, we announced new functionality for automatically uploading information from pre-formatted templates into the Statement of Intent Schedule before submitting a Compact filing.  We received very positive response that this functionality dramatically reduced data entry and errors when preparing the SOI Schedule. 

We worked with SERFF to improve this feature and are happy to announce that as of the end of August, you may now add information from a template to a filing that has already been submitted. With this new enhancement filers will be able to update their excel template for submissions that have already been submitted and/or approved.   

The updated template can be uploaded into the SERFF filing just like all other templates.  You may find the SOI template and instructions for using the template on the Insurance Company Resources page of the website. The specific name of the template is "Preformatted SOI Excel Spreadsheet".  Whether you are well versed at using SERFF's template features or something that is new to you, we encourage you to try out this functionality as you may find it is the solution to multiple, repetitive and time-consuming data entry.

If you have any questions about this information or mix and match and the SOI Schedule, please contact the IIPRC Office.