Weekly Tip: State Contact Information Requirement


Weekly Tips

State Contact Information Requirement


Did you know that company filers are required to include the most current telephone number of the insurance department of the state where the policy is delivered or issued for delivery on either the cover page or the first specifications page? This requirement is found under the Cover Page provision under the General Form Requirements in all the policy/contract Uniform Standards in effect for all product lines. 

Since the Insurance Compact has this requirement in all of the Uniform Standards, we maintain this information and make it available to all company filers. You may find this information on the Insurer Resources page of the IIPRC website, located under “State Specific Information”. This chart, State Contact Information, is verified on an annual basis by the Departments specific to this requirement. 

We strongly encourage companies to keep this contact information updated to reflect any changes in the insurance departments’ telephone number.  Remember that the Variability of Information provision within the Uniform Standards allows for this information to be noted as variable and updated without requiring an amendment to the submission.

If you have any questions regarding this requirement or the information posted on the Insurer Resources page, please contact the Insurance Compact Office.