Weekly Tip: The IIPRC website


Weekly Tips

IIPRC website


The IIPRC website is a valuable asset for company filers as they prepare their product filing submission. The IIPRC Review Team talks about tools available for company filers and most, if not all of them, are housed on the IIPRC website – namely the Insurance Company Resources page. In this week’s Weekly Tip, we will provide an overview of five of the main pages of the website.

On the Home page you will find the map that shows which states have enacted the Compact and which ones have the Compact legislation pending. Across from the map you will find a table of contents to help you find Contact Information for the IIPRC Review Team; Filing Information Notices (FINS) to assist with product filing submissions; and copies of our Annual Reports and budgets. You will also find the Event Calendar in the bottom right corner. On the Event Calendar you will find published notices regarding the Compact’s conference calls and in-person meetings. All meeting materials are made available on the Event Calendar.

On the Docket, you will find the uniform standards which have been published for comment. These uniform standards are still in draft format and are posted on the Docket for a period of approximately 60 days. It is while these uniform standards are posted on the Docket that any and all interested parties may submit written comments regarding the uniform standards. Once the uniform standards have been adopted by the IIPRC, they are moved to the Record.

On the Record filers will find all of the Uniform Standards which have been adopted and promulgated by the IIPRC. Also, on the Record are the checklists for each of the Uniform Standards.

On both the Docket and Record, are all comments that have been submitted along with the rulemaking history for each of the Uniform Standards.

Consumer Resources offers information about the IIPRC’s Consumer Advisory Committee along with how to contact each State Insurance Department and information pertaining to obtaining copies of approved filings.

The Insurance Company Resources page is the page that has most of the tools available for product filing submissions. The page has been broken up into “buckets” of relevant information. Under Reference Materials filers will find copies of all the instructions that have been created to assist with the submission of the Annual Registration filing to adding states to Compact filings. The Best Practices Checklist is also under Reference Materials. Moving to the right, you will find Uniform Standards Specific Reference Materials. Under this bucket you will find a link to the Weekly Tip archive along with a link to take filers back to the Record for checklists. The IIPRC Type of Insurance (TOI) Link is found under Uniform Standards Under Construction. This particular tool will help identify which of our Uniform Standards may line up with your intended product based on the TOI and sub-TOI. Under SERFF Reference Materials, filers will be able to link directly to SERFF as well as find the recent SOI Template enhancement directions and excel spreadsheet. Uploading data related to a mix and match filing just got easier as a result of this new tool and enhancement. Users may fill out the posted excel spreadsheet and then upload the data into their filing. The State Specific Information bucket provides the state contact information that should be included in the policies as well as information related to long-term care information. Under the Fees bucket, filers will find the IIPRC’s Schedule of Fees, a list of Uniform Standards that do not require an actuarial review to assist with the payment of the IIPRC filing fees, and the state filing fee requirements. A template to use with the submission of rates associated with long-term care filings may be found under the LTC Actuarial Reference Material. The IIPRC’s on-demand self-guided tutorials on various topics ranging from a general overview of the IIPRC to how to submit a product filing are all found under the IIPRC Tutorials bucket. This page was developed to have as many valuable resources in one location for the busy compact filer.

The Regulator Resources page of the website is a page that is dedicated to reference materials for State Regulators. It is on this page that Regulators will find on-demand self-guided tutorials. The product filing statistics which are generated on a quarterly basis are posted here as well.

We hope that this information is useful and helps you navigate the information that is at your fingertips. If you have any questions regarding this Weekly Tip or the product filing submission process, please contact the IIPRC Office.