Weekly Tip: To Revise or Not to Revise?


Weekly Tips

To Revise or Not to Revise?


This week’s tip is intended to assist filers across all product lines with improving quality control of their IIPRC filing submissions. These tips present steps a filer at any experience level can take to streamline the review process.

Occasionally objections are issued that request the filer to “confirm,” “explain,” “describe,” “clarify,” or “acknowledge.” These objections mean exactly what is stated, and they do not generally require edits to the forms unless the Reviewer specifically requests such edits. The Review Team observed that filers frequently revise forms unnecessarily, thinking this is what the Review Team requires to satisfy the objection. Unnecessary revisions can move forms away from compliance and generate follow-up objections. An exception to this is when an objection asking for information leads a company to realize that the language used in the forms is unintentionally confusing or inconsistent. In such a case, revisions to form language may be warranted.

If there is ever any doubt as to what is required to satisfy an objection, please reach out to the Reviewer via “Note to Reviewer” and ask for clarification. If requesting a call back, please remember to include a phone number where the Reviewer can reach the person submitting the Note or Response Letter. Our Review Team is here to assist you throughout the review process, and to help make your experience as effective and efficient as possible.

If you have any questions about this Weekly Tip, please contact the IIPRC Office at Comments@insurancecompact.org.