Weekly Tip: Updated Pre-Filing Communication Form


Weekly Tips

Updated Pre-Filing Communication Form


The Insurance Compact Office has recently made some revisions to the Pre-Filing Communication Form in order to make it more efficient for all who use the form – interested company filers and Insurance Compact reviewers. 

The Pre-filing Communication Form was created as a way to assist company filers and the Insurance Compact reviewers' dialogue associated with product and product filing development.  The intent was to encourage company filers to fully vet questions internally before scheduling a conference call with the Insurance Compact reviewers and discussing these questions.  One of the changes made to the Pre-Filing Communication form was to move the section requesting the questions to a more prominent location in the form.  Additionally, more space has been provided to assist with the inclusion of these questions. Should you require still more room for the questions, please attach the additional questions in a separate word document. 

You may notice that the format for the Pre-Filing Communication Form has been updated.  The Insurance Compact made these changes to bring attention to the required information when a form is submitted to the Insurance Compact.  In order to have a most productive conference call and address the concerns of the company, a fully completed Pre-Filing Communication form is requested.  The updated instructions also indicate the form is not intended or required if a filer has a few general help-desk type questions not related to development of a particular product filing. General questions may be submitted in an e-mail to comments@insurancecompact.org.

Another reason for the Pre-filing Communication Form was to allow the Insurance Compact reviewers time to review the proposed questions and research before providing the answers.  With this said, the time for a call will be scheduled within 7 business days of receipt of a fully completed Pre-filing Communication form.  This will provide ample opportunity for the Insurance Compact reviewers a chance to research the questions asked in order to make the most efficient use of all parties time. 

If you have any questions regarding the Pre-Filing Communication Form or the Insurance Compact, please contact the office.