Weekly Tip: Updating a Product Filing Submission


Weekly Tips

Updating a Product Filing Submission


One of the many benefits of utilizing the IIPRC is the ability to update a product filing submission - whether it to be to add a state or to update the Statement of Intent (SOI) Schedule.  This week we have some pointers for you to keep in mind the next time you need to reopen a filing to update the SOI Schedule. 

First, if you are adding a state to a submission and you do not have an SOI Schedule included in the filing, you do not need to have the filing reopened - simply use the Add-A-State button.  If you have an SOI Schedule that needs updating whether to include forms for the added state or to add new forms for states already on the filing, the filing will need to be reopened.  Please submit a Note to Reviewer requesting the filing be reopened.  In the Note to Reviewer, it is very important to state the reason for requesting that the filing be reopened (e.g., update the SOI Schedule to add new forms). 

At the same time, if you are adding a state to a filing that contains an SOI Schedule (i.e., a mix and match filing), but you do not need to update the SOI Schedule as you are not using any state-approved forms with the Compact-approved forms in the added state, please clearly indicate why the SOI Schedule does not need to be updated in the Note to Reviewer. If this reason is not clearly stated, the IIPRC Office will follow up to remind the filer to update the SOI Schedule to include state-approved forms for the added state. By indicating in the Note to Reviewer the reasons for reopening a filing or indicating, if applicable, the reasons for not updating the SOI Schedule, the IIPRC will be able to more quickly acknowledge the addition of a new state.  Without this information about whether and why the SOI Schedule needs to be updated, the IIPRC will not acknowledge the added state until the SOI Schedule is updated. 

Second, only submit your request to reopen your submission once you have everything ready to add to the filing. Some filers will request to reopen several days before they are ready to update their SOI Schedule. By waiting until all the information is gathered on your end, you avoid receiving emails or a Note to Filer inquiring as to the status of your updates.  If there are any forms related to this update, you will experience faster review and acknowledgment of an added state by including all required information at the same time. After a notice to the filer, the IIPRC will close reopened filings for inactivity.

Third, do not forget to pay the applicable filing fees, including applicable state fees if you are adding a state.  Paying the fees at the same time that the filing is reopened again means a faster acknowledgement or approval.  

If you have any questions about updating a product filing submission to add a state or update the SOI Schedule or the Weekly Tip, please contact the IIPRC office.