Weekly Tip: User Update Clarification for Registration Submissions


Weekly Tips

User Update Clarification for Registration Submissions


On December 1st the Insurance Compact began accepting registration submissions for 2016. This week, we thought that we would address the steps that you need to follow when your registration submission has been approved.

When the Insurance Compact first began accepting registrations, the company filers would submit a list of the company users. The Insurance Compact would then forward this information to the SERFF Help Desk to have those identified company users provided with the “Create Compact Filing” option within their SERFF profile. This was a cumbersome process. As a result, the SERFF Team working with the Insurance Compact made some changes in December 2013 to make the process faster and more efficient. This change now allows company filers to complete the “User Update Request Form” after the submission has been submitted and approved. To complete this step of the registration process, SERFF Users with the “User-Admin Request User” role will access the “User Update Request Form” by going to “Settings” then to “Request User Update,” then select the user that needs the added role from the drop down list.

The User Admin Requestor will then select “Industry Compact Filer” under “Appropriate Roles” and hit Submit.

These steps should be completed for those on your Team that do not yet have the “Create Compact Filing” option within their SERFF profile. Once the request is submitted, the submitting user will receive confirmation of the submission and the SERFF Help Desk will contact you when the new request has been processed.

If you have any questions regarding this step or the registration process, please contact either Sara Dubsky or Aimee Lawson in the Insurance Compact Office.