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Weekly Tip Archive Update


You may have noticed that the Insurance Compact has made a change to the Insurance Company Resources page of the website.  In case you have missed it, we are very excited to announce that we have archived all of the Weekly Tips that have been issued since July 2012. This new archive is accessed from the Insurance Company Resources page.

This enhancement came about as a result of a suggestion from a Compact filer submitted via the Suggestion Box on the website.  The Weekly Tips are now searchable by year and category. There are eight categories: All Uniform Standards; Annuity Product Line; Disability Income Product Line; Filing Processes; Life Product Line; Long-Term Care Product Line; Miscellaneous; and Mix and Match/SOI. Weekly Tips that may be found under “All Uniform Standards” will be tips that apply to all product lines, e.g. Specification Page reminders, Common Objections – Statement of Variability Consistency, etc.  “Filing Processes” Weekly Tips will include all tips that have been issued on the various processes in place for filing submissions – e.g. how to reopen a filing submission; logo change procedures; and the inclusion of states in a submission.  The Weekly Tips that are archived under “Mix and Match/SOI” are those that have been issued on the proper use of mix and match as well as the proper way to complete the SOI in a product filing submission. 

Additionally, we have provided a document on the Weekly Tips Archive page that provides all of the Weekly Tips broken out by category and date issued. We think that this tool will be helpful in locating a particular Weekly Tip.

We hope that this new searchable index of the Weekly Tips makes finding these valuable tools easier and more efficient. Do you have a good idea or suggestion for the Compact Office or ideas for a particular Weekly Tip? If so, these can be submitted by clicking on the Suggestion Box icon on the Compact homepage.