Weekly Tip: When to Redline


Weekly Tips

When to Redline


Should I attach a redline showing revisions or not? That is the question that we will advise on this week in our Weekly Tip. 

Redline versions of forms are required if the form filed for approval replaces a form previously approved by the Insurance Compact. This redline should be attached to the Supporting Documentation tab. However, you do not need to attach a redline showing the revisions when you are responding to an objection letter. The Insurance Compact reviewers will perform their own comparison to ensure that the form has been revised as requested and as stated in your response letter. Not that we don’t trust you – this is just a regulatory Best Practice!

In addition, a redline version attached to a filing will be marked for public access when the filing is approved, and the changes you were asked to make will become available for all to see.

We hope that this Weekly Tip will improve your filing experience with the Insurance Compact. If you have any questions regarding this Weekly Tip or filing in general, please contact the Insurance Compact.