Weekly Tip: Where to Submit the Cover Letter


Weekly Tips

Where to Submit the Cover Letter


This week we would like to address the age old question as to where you should attach the Cover Letter in your product filing submission, or a Response Letter to an objection.  The answer is...

Use the Filing Description on the SERFF General Information tab as the cover letter for your product filing submission.  Please do not attach a separate document under Supporting Documentation, but insert actual text in the Filing Description field.  By including the Cover Letter in the Filing Description field, you are increasing the productivity with regard to the review of your product filing.  Having the information presented in a location at the beginning of the filing provides the Product Reviewers with the required information as they begin their review of your product filing submission. 

We would also point out that this requirement is laid out in our General Instructions found in SERFF and on the Insurance Company Resources page of the website - Creating a Compact Filing.  Step 8 of the Filing Wizard is where you would include the information to serve as the Cover Letter for the filing.  This Cover Letter should include a concise and detailed description of the filing, a listing of the forms identified by name and purpose, a statement of the types of policy forms with which the forms filed for approval will be offered, and the Uniform Standards used to create the product filing submission.

Response Letters to objections should not be attached as separate documents.  Responses to Objection Letters must be created and submitted as detailed in the SERFF Industry User Manual, paying particular attention to these critical steps in the process: Changing Schedule Items, uploading and attaching appropriate compliant documents and removing previous versions, saving the changes to your filing, and constructing and submitting a response letter.

Beginning next month, we will begin issuing objections if the Cover Letter is submitted under Supporting Documentation and not under the Filing Description field in the product filing submission,  or if a Response Letter is attached as a separate document.

We hope that this information is useful and helps you as you prepare your next product filing submission. If you have any questions regarding the Insurance Compact or this Weekly Tip, please contact the Insurance Compact office.