Name of Rule: Uniform Standards For Riders, Endorsements or Amendments Used to Effect Group Term Life Insurance Certificate Changes

Subject Matter of Rule: The Group Term Life Insurance Policy and Certificate Standards for Employer Groups apply to riders, endorsements or amendments that are used to effect all group certificate changes that are required by state or federal law, or that have been requested for a group term life insurance named certificate by the policyholder or the insurance company in exercising rights under the group policy, or that the group policy permitted to be requested for a named certificate by the Employee, as applicable. Such change forms may be attached to the group term life insurance certificate on the certificate date of issue or after the certificate date of issue.

Citation to Published Notices: Notice of this rule was published on September 28, 2012

Name of persons requesting Public Hearing:

Date and Location of Public Hearing, if any: Wednesday, November 28 during the in-person joint meeting of the Management Committee and Commission at the National Harbor Gaylord Hotel.  Please reference the Event Calendar for more details.

Status of Proposed Rule (including upcoming meetings): The Proposed Standards have been issued for notice and comment. Written comments will be accepted on the Proposed Standards until November 27, 2012. Written requests for a public hearing must be received no later than October 18, 2012.

Date Approved by Management Committee: November 28, 2012

Date Adopted by Commission: November 28, 2012

Effective Date of Rule: March 10, 2013

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